Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Presidents' Day

Yesterday I asked myself, what better way could Presidents' Day be spent than by painting a wall in our kitchen red with the only President I know and love: LDW, President of the Philosophy Club.

Here is what our kitchen looked like before:

When the nice woman at Home Depot opened the paint can to show us the color, she told us not to freak out. Apparently red paint looks HOT PINK. She assured us that after a coat or two it would indeed look like the "Ruby Ring" we picked out. Upon opening the can at home, I was still skeptical. Yes, this is a lovely color that I would like to have on say, my toe nails. But for a wall in my kitchen? Not so much. But we trusted the nice woman at Home Depot so we forged ahead.

Here I am putting on the coat of primer:

And President Logan starting the Ruby Ring:

This is after the first coat. Don't let the picture fool you. The flash makes it look a lot more red and a lot less magenta and streaky than it really was:

And here's what it looks like after two coats:

We still aren't totally happy with it, and think it needs one more coat. I am just itchin' to take the tape off, but I have been known to be a premature tape remover so I have to wait. Logan's very trusting to leave me alone this evening while he plays basketball with all that blue tape just calling my name...

So we're planning to return to Home Depot for more paint so we can do one more coat. It will take a while before I'm not surprised when I walk in the room, but I think we'll love it once it is all done. Hopefully our landlord is also a fan of the Ruby Ring...


Ammon said...

so what prompted painting your wall neon pink. It's cool and all, but it seems kinda out of place with your white and pastel-y house.

oh, and also, Boston U give me a hefty amount of scholarships to go there, so i may possibly be in boston next year. how rockin' would that be. I could steal your food and make fun of your interior decorating choices in person.

I'm probably going to get my wisdom teeth out soon, are you going to put a picture of me smiling holding my teeth?

Ammon said...

hm. i talk good. that should say "Boston U *might* offer me financial aid and stuff.

anna said...

wow, kate - your brother is really funny. I am starting to see that you like surrounding yourself with witty and sarcastic people - Ammon, Logan, Me.

Kate said...

Ammon, if you send me a picture of you smiling and holding your teeth, I'll post it. As long as I can see the spot where the teeth used to be. And only if you have a terrible hair cut like Groshi.

And it would be pretty rockin if you came here. You can have all the food you want. Just remember that all we eat is tofu and nuts and seeds. No bagels in this pastel-y house.

Camilla said...

Hey, this is the second time I've started a blog just to post a comment on a sibling's account! I have sadly neglected the Xanga account I opened to torment Ammon, so I'm glad that now I have a new account to play with. We can be penpals!

I finish my student teaching march 23rd, and after that I am free as a bird, so maybe I will use some of Colin's frequent flyer miles to pay y'all a visit. Watya think?

Love always, Cami

Camilla said...

Hi, here is a joke to make fun of philosophers, and their wives too I think. Rene Descartes was sitting outside of a Parisian cafe when a waiter approached him and asked, "More coffee, sir?" Startled from his musing at the moment, Descartes looked up and replied, "I think not!" and then disappeared.

Amberli said...

Oooo, I love the red wall! Even if it stays a little pink it still looks pretty great! Can't wait to see the final product!