Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Update

Friday night we got Veggie Dogs at Spike’s and then went to Harvard Medical School’s Second Year Show which our friend Eunice was in. It was quite impressive and obviously would have been much more entertaining had we known anything about the politics at HMS or anything about Medicine in general. But we were glad we went to support Eunice. She did a great job singing “Mastication Number Five” (Basically “Mambo Number Five” but about the stomach instead of ladies.)

On Saturday morning I went to a Baby Shower for my friend Laura who will be having little Corleone Donvito sometime in the middle of March.

We spent the rest of Saturday catching up on our week of recorded television and finally peeling off the tape on the red wall! It looks great. I'll post a picture of the finished product soon.

On Sunday evening we went to a Mormon Perspective Series panel discussion called "Mitt, Mormons and the Media." It was a very interesting discussion on the treatment of Mormons and Mormonism in the media in the wake of Mitt's bid for the presidency. These sorts of things are one of the many reasons why we love living where we do.

Editor's Note: I forgot to mention the highlight of my weekend: discovering that I can scan my T pass when it is still inside my wallet! All this time I've been pulling my pass out of my wallet like a sucker when all I have to do is tap my wallet against the pad and the gates open right up. It is pretty much the coolest thing ever and will take at least 3 seconds off my daily commute.

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Logan said...

I have to vouch for the newest part of the update here, about the highlight of the weekend. Upon discovering that she in fact could use her pass inside her wallet, she could not stop smiling and giggling. This reaction is not all that different from when she ate a banana for the first time in years. (Maybe she'll post something about that, to explain.) Mind you, the smiling and giggling happened each time we went to get on the T, not just that first time.