Sunday, March 25, 2007

Birthday Weekend 2007

Logan's birthday on Thursday was great. I quietly woke up and made him breakfast and set out his presents. One of the good things about having a husband who sleeps like a rock is that it is super easy to make a surprise breakfast for him.

He came out when he smelled waffles, concerned that I would be late for work since it was time for me to leave and I had yet to get ready. I assured him that it would be fine, that they knew that I would be coming in a little late. I told him to sit down and read his card. Upon reading, he discovered that I would be a full day late for work. I surprised him by taking the day off work so we could spend the day together. I'd like to think that that was the highlight of his birthday, but his real present was so cool that I think he was a little more excited about that. I got him a game called Dread Pirate that we were introduced to by our friends the Sorensons. It is a really fun game and Logan loved it, so it made a perfect birthday present for a guy who loves pirates.

Sleepy Red Beard in his jammies, showing off his new game.

We had a nice breakfast of soggy waffles. (I like to think of myself as a fairly good cook, but for some reason I struggle with pancakes and waffles.) We didn't do too much stuff because Logan hasn't been feeling great. We basically spent the day watching movies and napping, but it was great to spend the whole day together. We still weren't really feeling up to much that night, and had watched all our NetFlix, so we cruised over to the mall to try the Indian place in the food court and see if Borders had any cheap movies. We were pleasantly surprised with the tasty and very cheap food and also found a couple movies we've been wanting at a price we couldn't resist. So it was a success all around.


On Saturday we participated in an Inter-Faith Walk raising awareness about global warming. We met in Harvard Square and walked the 4 miles to Copley Square. It was pretty cool- we were more than 700 strong and even the Mayor of Cambridge joined us for the first leg of the walk.

We walked with a handful of people from our ward and had a great time. After the walk, we ran a bunch of errands downtown and headed home to get ready for Logan's birthday party. We figured out with the walk and all our other walking around we walked almost ten miles yesterday. So, between all the walking and being on my feet all day, my legs are super stiff today. Not cool. My super funny husband has been calling me Frankenwifey all afternoon.

The party was a huge success. We had 17 people there, and missed all our friends who couldn't make it. I love hosting things in our home, and should do it more often.

I made a triple layer vegan chocolate cake and it turned out great, if I do say so myself. It was touch and go there for a while. The frosting experience was pretty messy, complete with a thrown away double-batch of frosting, some tears, a huge powdered sugar mess, a thrown spatula and a broken dish, but it all turned out great in the end. Everyone said it was delicious, so I was thrilled I could make a vegan cake that had even the carnivores impressed.

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Barry said...

I check out your blog and not only is it well-written and fun to read, but we get a shout-out too. Can't top that.