Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Logan!

I did a sappy post last week in honor of our anniversary, so I figured today called for a more entertaining post. At first I tried to come up with 26 interesting things everyone should know about Logan, but couldn’t come up with that many things about him that the handful of people who read this didn’t already know. I had another idea, one that would truly capture the essence of what makes Logan Logan, but was skeptical I could pull it off. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I can present you with:

26 Looks of Logan

Logan has developed quite the reputation for his ever-changing look. His mustache was even mentioned over the pulpit in a talk. I’ve been told that he has always been quite particular about his hair and Young Logan was known to throw a comb in frustration when he couldn’t achieve the look he wanted. So here it goes, in chronological order:

1. The Cute As A Button

2. The Aw Shucks

3. The Eager Beaver

4. The Christmas Morning Bed Head
5. The Frosted Sweater Vest

6. The Papal Poof

7. The SUU

8. The Smurf

9. The I Hope They Call Me On A Mission

10. The Black-haired Brother: Close to Logan’s sister’s wedding, he dyed his hair black.

11. The Orange-haired Brother: Once it got closer to the wedding and they realized he would look funny for the pictures, he bleached his hair, resulting in a nice orange splotchy look. You'd think this would have taught him a lesson. (See Looks 19 & 20)

12. The Baby Faced Missionary

13. The Fu Manchu circa 2003

14. The Travis Bickle: This was my first run in with his need to change the way he looks. He did this 2 months after we met, claiming it was for Halloween. And people wonder why it took me so long to start dating him. Luckily, he wore a hat most of the time I was around.

15. The Chops

16. The Sculpted Beard

17. The Used Car Salesman: This was a very temporary one, but important because you can see the Barber In a Box sitting on the shelf in the background- the culprit of most of these looks.

18. The Curly Hair With Scruff

19. The Black-haired Bachelor: Logan decided to dye his hair black right before he came out to visit me in Utah. He proposed on that trip, and we realized that in order to have normal length and color hair for our engagement photos, something must be done.

20. The Chemical-burned FiancĂ©: After spending a few hours in a salon at the University Mall, all of the black was gone, leaving Logan with a much shorter orange-ish blonde head of hair and burns all around his hair-line from leaving the bleach on for so long. I think it would be fair to say that Logan won’t be dying his hair black any time soon. Right, Logan?

21. The Handsome Groom

22. The Shepherd

23. The Futebol Fauxhawk: This look was inspired by some of the players in the World Cup. This is one of the “temporary” looks that managed to last all summer. But he pulled it off handsomely, as usual. He even got some praise from the usually not complimentary stylist that worked at Liz’s salon. She was even more surprised when he told her he did it himself. So if this Philosophy thing doesn’t work out, he may have a career in cosmetology.

24. The Lumberjack

25. The Fu Manchu circa 2006

26. The Disco Stu

Happy Birthday Husband. I love you, mustache and all.


Ammon said...

happy birthday!!!

it's funny, cus i almost said 'harry birthday' which is appropriate and all.

Logan was adorable up until #3, what happened there?

Also, blue hair logan was really cool logan, i think it's time to bring that back. When i first met you (logan) you had a mohawk, and i wasn't supposed to know that...but i did. I laughed because you were wearing a hat...loser.

Now go celebrate your birthday right with some nuts and berries.

Brian said...

That boy must have some wicked good genes!

Alia said...

This is the best post I've ever seen, Katie!!!!!! Oh, and my blog is old and really sad so don't read it -- I am revamping it to be much more optimistic. :)