Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I am loving this weather. Boston, you really came through for me. Now I just have to try to remember how to be productive when I’d much rather be outside. We are in the midst of a busy week with something pretty much every night piled on top of Logan’s already very busy school schedule as he tries to wrap up the semester in the next few weeks.

On Friday night we had the pleasure of a quick visit with our good friends Jake & Allie as they came through town to move Jake back to NYC. We never made it there the first time they lived in New York, so we're really hoping we can take a weekend trip to the Big Apple one of these days.

One exciting bit of news is that Logan got a letter in the mail on Friday telling him that due to his contributions to the Philosophy Club and his strong work in the Philosophy Department, he will be awarded Distinction in Philosophy. We get to attend an awards ceremony for the recipients in all the Departments as well as a special private reception before that with the Philosophy faculty. I’m so proud of Logan and all that he’s accomplished.

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