Tuesday, April 3, 2007


The approaching Easter season has got me thinking about my family’s Easter traditions. We always started off by dying Easter eggs. Everyone in my family is fairly artistic, so this sometimes turned into quite the process. We all sat around the table surrounded by cups of the vinegary dye, creating our masterpieces by dunking and dripping the dye over the eggs. It would take us all evening, but in the end, they'd all pretty much look the same. Vinegar and food coloring aren't the easiest mediums to work with. The Easter Bunny always came to our house on Friday night instead of Saturday. (So that he wouldn’t have to work on Sunday, of course.) We would wake up and come into the living room, where the Easter Bunny hid all the candy. One year he left trails of jelly beans from our doors to the living room. Once we have all gathered, the race is on. All the kids scramble to find the candy. A lot of it is hidden in plain sight, a chocolate egg on the window sill, a jelly bean on the light switch. But there are always some that are harder to find. Some of the candy might even remain hidden, to be found one day down the line when a book is pulled of the shelf. Some years, the Easter Bunny would amaze us by hiding candy in places that seemed impossible. Then, we would head out for our Easter picnic where the main event was rolling our Easter eggs down a hill. There were some years when we lived in rather flat areas where we searched high and low for a perfect hill. Some of my favorite years were when we rolled eggs down the sand dunes at our favorite beach on the gulf coast. The point is to see who can get their egg the farthest without breaking the shell. Next we play “King Egg.” We do Rock Paper Scissors- or in my family, Jan Kan Pon (my dad went to Japan on his mission.) Whoever wins has the choice of being the hitter or the hittie. Each person holds their egg and one player hits their egg against the other egg. The point is to break the other person’s egg without breaking your own. After the first hit, you do Jan Kan Pon again for the next hit. You keep going until one person’s egg has cracked on both ends. The winner then proceeds onto their next victim. The last one standing is dubbed the King Egg.

Then, we peel the eggs and make egg salad sandwiches. My mom would hide a (foil wrapped) chocolate egg in one of the sandwiches for one lucky sandwich eater to find.

I didn’t think we did that much, but once I got it all down in writing, it seemed like quite a bit. This year we are planning to get together with my extended family in the area for a picnic on Saturday. Holidays are definitely one of the times that I am so glad we have family close by to share them with.

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Camilla said...

Hey Katie, I'm at our family's house now, and I will be lucky enough to be here for easter- the fun has already begun with a treasure hunt (with rhyming clues) completely planned and carried out by isaac, first thing when i got home from the airport. I forgot that the easter bunny will be coming tonight- exciting!