Wednesday, April 4, 2007

We Better Have Flying Cars By Then

Logan and I took an on-line test to predict our life expectancy. It turns out, I’m going to live to be 95 and Logan will live to be 86. So, if this test can be trusted, I’m going to have to hang out for 12 whole years without Logan. And that’s with me checking the “I don’t exercise” box. I’m scared to see what it would be if I actually took care of myself. They tell me I could add a whole year to my life if I flossed my teeth every day. (Sorry mom. I’m trying to do better.) Maybe I can figure out what I could change in my life to die at the exact same moment Logan does. I might have to start eating red meat and being around smokers. But if thats what it takes to not have to be alone for 12 years, I might be willing to consider it. I don’t like being home alone for one night, so I can’t even image what it would be like to be alone for 12 years. Especially after being married for more than 60 years.

You can take the test here. How long are you going to live?


Amy said...

Hey Kate. So, I did it and I am going to live until I am 91. I haven't had Dylan do it officially yet, but I tried to do it for him and got 78. Yea, so that leaves 19 YEARS without him (because of the age difference). How crappy is that. So, you can move in with me for those last 12. Dude, I think I can go back and change my stress level now to a higher rating; 19 years is way too long. That's a cool website. Thanks.

Ammon said...

I'm going to live to 94!

Camilla said...

Like Amy, I will also be 91. I will be one of those old crazy teachers who refuses to retire.