Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Put him in a body bag, Johnny!"

Last weekend our ward held an Un-Talent show. Logan, being the responsible ward member that he is, volunteered to perform a talent but couldn't think of anything. The night before, he still hadn't come up with anything. We had our friends the Bowens and Ritters over for dinner that night and Tyler and Logan came up with a wonderful idea. For the viewing pleasure of the ward, Logan and Tyler performed Wii Boxing. Logan had never even touched a Wii until that night, so it could easily be considered an "Un-Talent" where as Tyler is an old pro, so it was his talent. They looked pretty ridiculous, but the crowd loved it.

Logan, the underdog, came from behind and defeated Tyler at the very last second! I was so proud!

As cool as that was, it didn't even compare to the highlight of the evening. Four of the boys in the ward formed a Boy Band and lip-synced and danced their way into our hearts. It was pretty amazing.

PS: Congratulations to my big sister Cami who landed her dream job! She gets to teach kids who love math almost as much as she does! Yay Cami!


Ammon said...

i was playing some wii boxing today, it's pretty fun stuff.

A lot of people complain that it's not responsive enough, but that's just cus they get some wii smack down.

Kate said...

Ammon- I've heard rumors of a Wii tourney at the reunion..It'll be like our own little Olympics.

Oh, and btw, Daddy confirmed that he made the alligator for me. I think his exact words were, "Of course I made it for Katie. She's my favorite child."