Monday, June 11, 2007

Extreme Makeover: Sophie Edition, Part I

I wanted to commemorate the end of an era. Here is my trusty bike, Sophie. She was given to us by a friend who I am pretty sure found her in the trash. At some point in her life someone wrote “Sophie” on her with nail polish.

One of Logan’s summer projects is to give dear Sophie a bit of a face lift. He has recently become obsessed with fixed-gear bikes and is ashamed to be seen zipping around town with silly me on my bike with GEARS. (Which he tells me are for suckers.) I’m not ready to take the fixed-gear plunge, so we’re easing me in with a single speed for now. Because I like brakes. And my life. He has big plans for a new and improved Sophie, so I'll share those photos when the project is complete.

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