Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i heart cupcakes

A couple weeks ago we had a little going away get together for some of our friends who are leaving this summer. The Cox will be in New York all summer and the Donvitos have graduated and are moving soon. So we got together once last time. In honor of all the graduates, I made some cupcakes:

I saw the idea in a magazine more than a year ago and I have been counting down the days until Logan graduated so I could make these. I think I was more excited to finally get to make these that I was that he was actually graduating. The picture doesn't do them justice- they were even cuter in real life.

Logan was showing all our friends his amazing hair skills by puffing it out at big as he could. It is truly remarkable how much hair that guy has on his head. We got the idea to see how it would look straightened. So I busted out the flat iron and went to town:

I think this is how he should wear it for his first day at Tufts. He’d make friends in no time!

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