Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pomp and Circumstance

Logan graduated from U Mass Boston on June 1st. I knew graduations were a big deal and all, but I had no idea that his was important enough that ESPN2 would be there to capture all the action!

Here's Logan marching out with his classmates. Such a handsome graduate.

After the very long and hot ceremony with all of the graduates, we broke off into each college for the official presenting of the diplomas. Well, the diploma cases at least.

We were all so proud of Logan. It was great to have his parents there to support him as well. And not just for the great graduation present.


Camilla said...

Looking at your pictures makes me wish that I had walked- I should have at least rented the cap and gown for pictures. Now I have to get get my masters so I have some.

You guys both look great- congratulations!

Kate said...

Cami: We can bring Logan's cap and gown to Utah for you to stage some graduation photos. No one will ever know the difference...