Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

We spent the next week at a dude ranch for my family reunion. The reunion was fun, despite a few minor set backs such as the lack of edible food. It wasn't just because we didn't eat the meat- even the omnivores found the food questionable. I really should have photographed our many plates of "veggie burgers" which were served to Logan and me. The ranch manager was always sure to take care of her "little vegetarians" but I'm not sure we were any better off. I don't think we ever ate any of the special food prepared just for us. We managed to survive on wilted salads (with the chunks of ham/turkey picked out), "nachos" (Kraft singles melted on tortilla chips) and an unhealthy amount of potatoes in various forms (French fried, mashed and scalloped). The rest of our time was filled with riding horses, tubing down the river, hiking and playing lots and lots of games.

The boys doing some archery:

Our little posse of cousins spent most of our time playing games, including a Wii Boxing Tournament where I defeated my sister Cami. I then tied my 9 year old cousin and we never had a rematch. So I remain undefeated and with good reason; check out that form:

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