Thursday, August 9, 2007

I Heart NY

Last weekend we took a trip to New York City. Our friends Kyle and Ellie are getting married next week and were having an engagement party to celebrate.

Friday night we went to Yankee Stadium with Clay, Kara, Shawn and Jhordan (who all had tickets) to see if we could find some super cheap tickets to sneak behind enemy lines and watch the game. We were not successful, so we just got some dinner while they went to the game.

The next day, we all woke up bright and early around 11:00 and the ambitious ones of the group (everyone but Logan and me) went for a run in Central Park. When they returned, we all went to get brunch at Good Enough to Eat. And it was.

After that we stopped in to check out Chad and Laura’s amazing apartment and then walked around a bit; the girls went to Anthropology to gaze lovingly at all the things we can’t afford and smell all the amazing candles while the boys went to Nintendo World. Well, Clay actually went to the NBA store and we lost him for a while when his cell phone died mid-conversation. We went to the NBA store to look for him, following the trail of Jazz hats all over the giant store, but he was no where to be found. Luckily, all his military training taught him to go back to where we all were before he got lost, and we did eventually find him. But it was a close one.

Logan and Shawn, perfecting their synchronized picture taking routine.

Logan, me, Shawn, Jhordan, Clay & Kara waiting for the Subway.

After walking around for a bit, we all headed back to the Cox’s apartment to get ready for the evening. They went to see Mary Poppins and Logan and I went to our party. Ellie lives right by the George Washington Bridge. The party was on the roof of her building so we had a great view of the bridge in the background and the weather was perfect.

Logan and me with the happy couple.

The next day brought the highpoint of our trip. We were taking the Subway from Chad & Laura's to church and we had all of our stuff with us. We stepped on the train and as the door closed, Logan realized one of our bags was sitting there all alone on the bench. The trains were running extra slow because it was a Sunday morning, and we were already quite late for church, and they weren't our nice sheets or towels, so we decided not to go back for it. We were hoping that it didn't cause any alarm since it did look quite suspicious. We didn't see anything on the news so hopefully someone just picked it up who needed some new bedding. We were the most disappointed about the $3 bottle of water that was in the bag.

Other than the lost bag, it was a fun trip. Thanks to the Cox and Donvitos for letting us stay with you!

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