Saturday, August 11, 2007

We should get a show on TLC

For the last several months, I have been wishing for an area I could call my own where I could store and work on all my scrap booking and other crafty things. We have a decent sized place as far as apartments here go, but it wasn't quite big enough to get another desk in the office. So, we had the brilliant idea to convert our underused space in the living room closet into a little craft area for me. One trip to IKEA later, and I present you the finished product:

I LOVE it! It is the perfect little space for me to work in and I can access all my stuff so easily. Before it was such a hassle to get all my materials out and I would make HUGE messes. Now, all I have to do is open the closet, un-fold my chair, switch on my little lamp, and get to work! It is so great.

Thanks to my great husband for assembling all the stuff for me. It turned out so perfect!

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Laura said...

Looks great, did you get that idea from the Today show??