Monday, November 26, 2007

I don't think you're ready for this belly...

We had a nice Thanksgiving this year with my extended family in New Hampshire. We drove up Thursday for a beautiful and delicious meal followed by some basketball (I didn’t participate, but Logan wowed everyone with his skills) and a few rounds of Murder by Strangulation. (A Perkes Family variation of Murder in the Dark where everyone crawls around in a pitch black room and the murderer strangles people to kill them. Discrete winking in a circle just wasn’t exciting enough for us, I guess. Logan was a very successful murderer the first round, and killed everyone off. I knew I picked a keeper.) I brought my new camera to take pictures but didn’t take a single one; mainly because I was intimidated by my two aunts who are both very talented picture takers. So, unfortunately I have no photo documentation of the Holiday.

My birthday was also very nice. Logan woke me up with breakfast in bed. (He murders like a pro AND he makes breakfast!)

Looking super cute while I enjoy my waffles. I posted a sleepy picture of Logan on his birthday, so I figured this was only fair.

My sweet husband continued to spoil me by doing the large pile of dishes that had been haunting me while I sat on the couch watching a movie and eating bon bons. (Actually I was watching a movie and doing some ironing.) We spent most of the day doing things around the apartment and then went to dinner at one of the Indian restaurants in Harvard Square. Indian food is usually my favorite, but it hasn’t sounded very good to me since being pregnant. Luckily, my body decided that now that I was 24 I once again liked Indian food, so I was finally able to enjoy my favorite food. We then went back to our place to have a few people over for some games and a delicious pie brought over by Kara. (Thanks Kara!)

The McCoys were planning to have a house warming/Amberli’s retirement party that night, but Atticus wisely realized that November 24th is the best birthday ever and came two weeks early. So we commandeered the party and made it a birthday bash for me and Atticus. Welcome to the world little birthday buddy!

Thanks to all those who celebrated my birthday with me and who sent me birthday greetings. And a special thanks to my little brother Ammon for writing such nice things about me on his blog. Everyone would be so lucky to have a brother like him. You don't have to read too much between the lines to understand that he basically called me his favorite sister.

And finally, what I know you've all been waiting for, my first "belly" shot at 17 weeks:

I had lofty ambitions to take a picture each week wearing the same color shirt so I could make a flip book of the growth of my belly, but this is the first one. (Granted, any pictures from the first 17 weeks would have been pretty boring, so maybe it is okay that this is the first.) Tomorrow is our big ultrasound! We’ll let everyone know as soon as we can how everything goes.


logan said...

Eggo waffles don't really count as 'making' breakfast, but... I'm glad I could do something. Way to be 24 Golden Girl.

Janet said...

super cute pic of you eating waffles :o)
can't wait to find out if your baby is a chica or chico!

Mike and Dyami said...

Ah man, I miss waking up to that lovely hair! I love blogs, think of all we'd miss out. We'd almost be strangers, but now I can relive the roommate days, see what you ate for breakfast and watch your little belly grow! In a non-stocker way.

Hope you had a great golden birthday!

Kara Camille said...

I like your first belly shot, I want to see that flip book when it's all over with...I mean after you have your little SON!