Saturday, December 29, 2007

"Good Morning Starshine, the Earth Says Hello"

This little guy inside me has already changed my life, and he's not even born yet.  For the majority of my life I have A: Not been a morning person and could sleep in as long as I wanted to, usually well into the afternoon; and B: Have not been a breakfast person and if I did eat something it wasn't much and it was well after I was up, once my stomach could handle it.  Yet here I am, up at 8:00 on a rainy Saturday morning (perfect sleeping in conditions, I might add) eating breakfast while Logan is nice and cozy in bed.  I woke up an hour ago and was too uncomfortable to get back to sleep.  (So for anyone wondering, even with the Swedish Technology, being pregnant still causes me to wake up feeling uncomfortable, just like all you commoners with mattresses that weren't developed by NASA.)  

Other than having to act like a normal person by getting out of bed at a reasonable hour and eating breakfast, everything is going well.  I am 22 weeks today and feeling pretty great.  I can feel him move around several times a day, and I love it.  It is such a strange feeling that I was trying to describe to Logan, but you just can't quite explain it.  I've heard it described as everything from popcorn pops to butterfly flutters.  I can't wait for the movements to be strong enough that Logan will be able to feel them too.  We (read: Logan) spent an evening cleaning out our current office/spare bedroom/storage unit that will soon be the baby's room so we can start getting ready for his arrival. Thanks to the super cool computer cabinet we finally purchased,  the computer is now in the living room and we can start converting the unused room into a nursery whenever we want. (And yes, we only buy products from Swedish companies.)  I've pretty much planned out everything I want to do, now we just need to buy all the stuff and put my plan into action.   I'll be sure to document the transformation.   I've finally found some maternity pants that fit me.  The ones I bought a couple weeks ago (at H&M, another Swedish company)  were freakishly long since H&M hasn't figured out that not all of us have the legs of a Swedish super model.  

So, to sum it up: it is starting to feel like this pregnancy thing is for real, now that I am getting uncomfortable sleeping,  I am about to start sporting funny clothes, and I'm creating a nursery.   


Amy said...

What a sad day! Sleeping in on Saturdays with Dylan is certainly one of the things I miss most from the pre-mom days. It looks like you had a nice christmas. I'm glad Logan's shirt looks like it fits alright. Happy New Year!

Kelly and Kimberly said...

Kate, you are the cutest pregnant girl ever. I'm so happy for you guys and we miss you a lot. Come visit us in CA when you get too cold. We'd love to have you.

Lisa said...

so excited to meet this little baby (and buy some swedish outfits for him).

see you tonight!