Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Christmas!

Logan and I had a great Christmas yesterday.  We woke up bright and early to tear open all our presents.   Possibly, my favorite gift I got for Logan was the fireplace DVD which I surprised him with.  We talked about getting one, but never got around ordering it.  But I found one at Borders and went into the living room before Logan on Christmas Morning to get the fire started.  It was great to have a cozy, crackling fire going while we opened our gifts.  Totally worth every penny. 

We got some nice gifts this year (you can see everything in the post below.)  After opening all our presents, we got cleaned up and spent the afternoon with the Smith, Hickman and Theobald families to play with all their new toys and eat some tasty enchiladas.   

All in all, it was a great day.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


Cagney and Laci said...

That fire place rocks! What a great gift. You should have it roaring on New Years Eve as well!

NelsonFam said...

I saw your comment on my blog - congrats to you as well! We are only 15 weeks right now and I just look fat. We will see how much changes over the next couple of weeks. I was excited to see your belly pictures. It gives me hope that I might look that cute someday.