Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh, We're Half Way There...

As of a week ago, I was half way through the pregnancy! A little bit hard to believe that he'll be here in the amount of time that I've been pregnant. Here's a picture from this week:

And a really cheesy bare belly one that is candid but looks totally posed. I made it black and white to make it even more tender.

I hit another milestone this week when someone who I hadn't hadn't seen for a year and didn't tell I was expecting saw me and assumed that I was pregnant and not that I had just had a few too many Christmas cookies. I still have not had a stranger say anything, but that might be more due to the fact that Boston turned into the North Pole just in time for Christmas so I'm always in multiple layers and a puffy coat when in public.

I promise I'll start posting some things other than belly shots once the pre-Christmas craziness calms down. We are staying home for the Holidays this year and are looking forward to a nice quiet Christmas with just the two of us.


Toomey Family said...

We just got the wonderful news today. Congratulations you guys! You two are such a cute and fun couple, this baby boy is so very blessed to be born into your family.
Kate: I have never met you (we went to high school with Logan), but I have enjoyed learning more about you from the wonderful things Logan has said about you and through your great blog (we will keep checking for updates). You are such a cute pregnant Mommy! I sure hope we can someday meet you.
Congrats again!
~Aimee Toomey

Alia said...


Happy Christmas from Arizona :)