Thursday, December 6, 2007

One Reason Why I'm Thrilled to be Having A Boy:

Because there's a chance that one day he'll have a little brother that loves him this much:

"Ammon will be coming home on the 14th, and Isaac can hardly wait. He misses him a lot. Today our home teacher gave us some sugar cookies. There were four in the bag, and Isaac laid them all out so we could each choose one. There were three rather plain cookies and one fancy one with sprinkles which Isaac took, then handed one to Dave and to me. When Dave asked who would like the last one, we expected Isaac to call for it, but he said, "Let's save that one for Ammon. In fact, let's give him the special one!" And he swapped his fancy cookie for the plain one. Ammon, it is waiting for you in the freezer!" - From my mom's family newsletter

In other baby news, I felt him move for the first time the other day and I must say, it was pretty cool.


Mike and Dyami said...

That's really really sweet! I'm getting super baby hungry, this just adds to it.

Camilla said...

That is a really cute picture- I don't think I've ever seen it. Did you watch the video of the popcorn popping song?

Mariel said...

Hey, I don't know you but I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a relatives. I'm a Wangsgard too! Are you from Utah? Do you have any relation to Rich and Athena Wangsgard?

Cute blog!

Mariel Wangsgard