Thursday, January 10, 2008

Waiting for Baby

Note: This post is really more for my benefit than anything, so feel free to skip it if you come here for my witty sense of humor and not the fluffy baby stuff.

Today I ordered our crib and glider. It seems a little early, but we have the space now and they were (finally) in stock, so I went for it. I’ve been set on this crib for several months, so figured now was just a good a time as any. These were my first baby purchases- other than a few items of clothing way too cute to pass up like some tiny argyle socks that match a pair I have PERFECTLY or some cute striped jammies. I couldn't help it, I'm a major sucker little boys in striped jammies.

The little guy has been moving around a lot more lately. There’s usually a certain time of night when I’m sitting or laying down that he is the most active and it is always the highlight of my day. I hate when he’s in a moving mood and I need to get up to do something. (To be honest, I usually won’t get up when he’s moving because I never want it to stop. He’s started to move most mornings when I wake up, so this has made my already late mornings even later.) I love when the kicks are hard enough that I can see them. The other day at work, he kept kicking really hard in the same spot. I’d look down right when I felt it but kept missing it; so I’d sit there and watch, waiting for the next kick to come. When it wouldn’t come, I’d look back at my computer, and he’d kick again. This happened several times. I know he couldn’t have been doing it on purpose, but it sure felt like he was just trying to tease me. With this increase in frequent movement, I’m starting to feel more connected to him as I’ve become more and more excited for his arrival and it has started to feel a little more real. Nine months seems like such a long time but so far, it really has flown by. It is fun for me to imagine the two of us hanging out at home or trekking around on the T with him in the sling. Unfortunately, this excitement for his arrival has only made it harder to continue to go about my day to day life until he gets here. I know we’ve got a lot to do to prepare for this little man to enter our world, but I just want to fast forward the next four months and get it over with already.


Cagney and Laci said...

Cute crib, good choice. So exciting. It will be here before you know it!

Amberli said...

oh man! it's like i'm reading my journal from a few months ago! I am so so so so so so so so excited for you and you look amazing! hooray for cute moving little baby. isn't it fun? like he's keeping you company at work, reminding you that your work days are limited! so great!

NelsonFam said...

We just started feeling movements last week and I can't wait until they are regular (or maybe I can I just don't know it).

The crib is awesome by the way. Where did you find it?