Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby Update: 28 Weeks

I’ve started receiving unsolicited opinions about my body from people. During a span of about 15 minutes one person told me I was an “itty bitty thing for being due in May” and another told me I looked like I was “about to pop” and expressed disbelief that I still have almost 3 months of growing ahead of me. Luckily, my doctor tells me I’m just right, so I’m not too concerned. What does concern me is the inner battle I go through each time I get on the train to head home from work. Part of me loves for people to know that I’m pregnant and see my cute little belly and maybe give up their seat for me, but a much, much larger part of me hates the attention and all the fuss once someone realizes that there’s a pregnant woman in their midst. My ride is really short and I sit most of the day, so most days I am totally happy to stand. The good part about being pregnant in the winter is that with all the layers and coats and scarf my belly can be pretty discreet if I want it to be, but I can unzip my coat and proudly display it in all its glory if I feel the need to conjure up a seat. (To be honest, there’s only been a time or two where I received extra special treatment on the train for being pregnant, so I’m really just pretending that the T riders are as nice as they should be.) I hate feeling like people are fussing over me- something I’m sure I will need to get over once I have this baby and will need all the help I can get. But for now, I’m happy to stand there keeping my secret belly safely zipped behind my coat; because by the way things are going, it won’t be long before a measly little winter coat can hide this belly.


joette said...

Katie! You're so cute and carrying him so high! I understand about the pergnancy seems like one day you're a capable woman and the next a helpless nothing, just by being pregnant. Oh, if only they knew! Have you had strangers rub your tummy yet like your some kind of walking Buddah? I never had that experience, but once, and it was done by a friend (thank goodness.) You look great!

NelsonFam said...

You look so good! It is funny what people will say and do :)

Amberli said...

here's my unsolicited opinion - you look HOT! yeah i tried to hide a little on the T too because i always felt a little sheepish when people would try to give up their seat and such. one time a GRANDMA INSISTED that i take her seat!!!! yeah i felt real dumb that time!