Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Ammon!

Today is my little brother Ammon's 19th birthday. I honestly can't believe that he is that old and that in a few months he will be going off to be a missionary. I am really grateful for the unique relationship that I have with both of my little brothers. I know it wasn't exactly the time line my parents intended, but I think the age differences between my brothers and me allowed for a special relationship that wouldn't have been there had we been closer in age. While it is true that Ammon and I fought just as much as most siblings when we were little, we were buddies and spent a lot of time together. I know that paved the way for a really strong relationship that has developed now that we are old enough to not want to kill each other.

When he was born, I don't remember having any of the older sibling jealousy from losing my title as the baby of the family. I prided myself in being my mom's little helper in taking care of Ammon. I remember how proud I was to show off my little brother when my mom brought him in to my Kindergarten class for Show and Tell. Ammon was a very particular little guy. As an infant he had a certain way he had to be held. (By my mom on her left shoulder, if I remember correctly.) When he got old enough to vocalize his opinions, he refused to eat something if it was broken, like a cracker or a torn Kraft Single. He wouldn't eat a banana if it wasn't totally intact. When he was a little older, he went through a stage where he insisted my mom get natural peanut butter because he was under the impression that regular peanut butter would give him a heart attack (he was maybe 4 or 5). I won't tell you about his attempts to conserve water because that might embarrass him and that's the last thing an older sister should do to her little brother.

Ammon always wanted a dog and had a pack of imaginary dogs instead of imaginary friends. The leader of this dog pack was named Fire. One day when he and my mom walked out of a store to get in the car, Ammon suddenly became upset when he remembered that he had tied his dogs to one of the clothing racks in the store so they needed to go back inside and get them. My mom, always the problem solver, convinced him that they were strong enough that if he called to them, they would break the ropes and come running out the door to find him. Sure enough, when Ammon called to his dogs, he was thrilled to report that they came running. Needless to say, the day my mom finally cracked and let my dad get Ammon a real dog remains one of the best Christmas mornings ever.

Luckily, Ammon seems to have outgrown most of those little quirks and has grown into a pretty great guy. He’s put up with a lot over the last 19 years with three older sisters, so I’m glad we didn’t mess him up too much. I was really rooting for a Boston school when he was picking where to go to college, but in the end, I know he’s having a great time at the U (despite the fact that he can’t seem to hold on to a roommate. Ammon, it’s not you, it’s them.)

I hope you have a great birthday. You’re the best little brother a girl could ask for- because who else would sing the Gorditas commercial with me? Bless you Taco Bell.

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Parabéns Hot Dog, feliz aniversário.