Wednesday, February 6, 2008

“I’m voting for Dukakis”

Don’t worry, this post isn’t political. I just needed a title and was inspired by voting last night. In case you don’t know, this is a quote from “Donnie Darko”, but also appropriate as I did indeed vote for Dukakis in the Presidential Election my Kindergarten held in 1988. I wish I could claim that it was my liberal nature coming out at such a young age, but in all honesty it was an accident. We were asked to write a B or a D on a piece of paper to cast our votes for either Bush or Dukakis. All my friends were writing a B, and so I meant to, but I used to get those 2 letters mixed up (in their lower case form) and so I wrote a “d” instead of a “b”. But now I’m sure it was my subconscious steering me in the right direction. No comment on whom I voted for in last night's Primaries, but it rhymes with Morack Lobama. And I’m slightly disappointed in my fellow Bay Staters. That’s all.

Here’s a recap of the last several days, as I haven’t been posting anything in a while and I'm sick of looking at that smirk on the post that has been up for a week.

On Friday, we celebrated our friend Patrick’s birthday with cupcakes, ice cream and a trip to Good Times. (Where else? I’ve only been there 3 times in my life, all of which happened to be in the last month. I swear I do other things. It has sort of been the Saccos of 2008.) No children were stuck in machines, so we were able to play SkeeBall this time. We also played several rounds of Deal or No Deal, and I won 50 tickets on my second try. A nice redemption for the measly 5 tickets I won my first try. Luckily, Logan and I were able to earn enough tickets to win a set of Spy Ears. (Not unlike the Sonic Ear, As Seen on TV, if you’ve seen those incredible infomercials.) It works just about as well as you’d expect something that cost 200 tickets from a slightly sketchy place to work. It does not pick up sounds from the womb. (We tried. But to its credit it never claimed to do this.) It also doesn’t allow you to hear the television when it is turned down really low (Which a major selling point for the Sonic Ear, As Seen on TV.) It also doesn’t work through walls or doors. (So I guess we still need a baby monitor. Bummer.) What it DOES do is allow you to hear whispering from one end of our apartment to the other if there is little to no background noise. Not so helpful because I usually talk much louder than is necessary, not quieter. I’m sure we’ll find a good use for it. For now it is in a drawer with the countless bouncy balls and army men and the recent additions of a paddle ball and two Asian fans all of which have been won with our hard earned tickets. (I vote for donating our tickets to a young child next time we go, so we can fill someone else’s drawer with cheap, useless stuff. Or just saving them up for a big screen TV.)

Logan spent most of Saturday arranging the flowers for a wedding held at our church that evening. Such a renaissance man, that husband of mine. The flowers looked great and the wedding went well. Say what you want about Mormons, but we can throw together a wedding in record time. Logan and I spent the rest of the evening preparing for our party the next day and watching Groundhog Day, as it was Groundhog Day. An excellent movie and a tradition you should all pick up.

On Sunday, we had several friends over to watch the Super Bowl. I’m not much of a football fan, but I look for any reason to throw a party. We had a great time with lots of good friends and lots of great food. Unfortunately the Patriots lost, but I’m over it. More unfortunate is that I didn’t take any pictures.

Last night after voting, we got some veggie burgers at a place we’ve been meaning to try since we moved here. A little pub-like place called Atwoods. Not too shabby. We came home and stayed up way too late watching the primary results come in. My favorite point was when the local news anchor was discussing Romney’s win in Massachusetts (and not many other places) with a political analyst. The anchorman said, “Hey, he got Utah.” and then LAUGHED. Like the most sarcastic little chuckle you can imagine an anchorman doing on a live broadcast. It was pretty great. (Okay, so maybe that was a little political.)


Camilla said...
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Camilla said...

I also voted for Morack, and my vote must have made a big difference, because he won in my state! Too bad Edwards dropped out, but I guess it was a lost cause. Maybe he'll be vice president.

logan said...

I hope that Edwards will try for the Vice hood again. I think it would be a winning team. I wonder if he won't though because of his last attempt with that loser Kerry. My party has yet to tabulate their winner for the state primary... I bet it's someone who won't have a chance at getting a much more than a single % in the general election... oh well, the Republicans are giving me 600 bucks, maybe I'll vote for them.

Kara Camille said...

We too watched Groundhogs Day on Groundhogs Day, and I agree it is a must!

Lisa said...

i'm so disappointed in massachusetts. it's proabably dan's fault since he forgot to register. obama would have won for sure with the backing of damn hadley.

i remember when dukakis was running. i thought he had the coolest name. i remember sometime around that time my mother telling me that "mormons are republicans."

was it still impossible to open case number 7 when you went back to the GTE? i think they have that game rigged. that little boy who kept following us around is probably part of the operation, too.

Lisa said...

"proabably" - a hybrid form of the words "probably" and "proactive"

Jed said...

We also have the tradition of watching Groundhog Day on the day. Super fun! Also caucused for Morack Lobama.