Saturday, March 8, 2008

Baby Update: 31 Weeks

I am officially on the single digit week countdown now, which is incredibly exciting and extremely hard to believe all at the same time. When I realized that I'm 6 weeks away from being considered full term, I sort of panicked. You mean to tell me that in (hopefully no more than) 9 weeks this baby will be here, not in my belly? I've calmed down a bit since then, but I am still really antsy to get everything ready for his arrival. There's an elliptical where the crib should be and the few baby things we do have are (folding nicely) in a bag in the corner. I know I have plenty of time and he'll have no idea if his room is perfectly decorated when he gets home, but I just want to do it all now!

I'm still feeling pretty good, which I am really grateful for. I know it is only a matter of time before I will be miserable, but for now I feel pretty normal. Throughout the day, I don't really feel that much different than I did before I was pregnant. I sometimes catch my reflection in a building or glass door as I'm walking by and it surprises me that I'm so big. At some point I left the itty bitty belly stage and entered the full blown belly stage. Yesterday my midwife told me that my body was "handling pregnancy beautifully." It makes me feel great to know that my body is not only managing, but excelling at what it was meant to do. This has been my highest ambition for as long as I can remember so it makes me quite proud of my body that I can do this. I know the hardest part is yet to come, but I've made it this far so I'm not too worried.

Actually, I’m now at 32 weeks, but I wrote that last week and just kept forgetting to take a picture. So that means that I’m now only EIGHT weeks from my due date. Here’s the most recent news on the baby front:

We FINALLY sold the Elliptical last night! It is funny how an 8x9 room still filled with stuff can seem so empty now that the massive piece of equipment is no longer in there. It felt great to get it out of the house, both because it means Operation Create a Baby Room can get started and that I no longer have a constant reminder that I didn’t fulfill my promise to use it ALL THE TIME. (Sorry Logan) It will also be nice to stop bumping into it while trying to maneuver my ever-growing body around it to get to the coat closet. The other day I made a list of things that needed to be done for the baby’s room- first on the list was to sell the elliptical. Now we can get working on all the stuff between that and the last item on the list: “Add Baby.” We took a trip out to IKEA earlier in the week and bought the last few critical items for the room. We still have a few random things to get, but all of the major purchases have been made. I’m hoping we will be able to make some headway this weekend and be able to paint soon.


Kara Camille said...

you are one hot pregnant girl! I hope my body follows your footsteps, and that I too excel at growing my baby. Thanks for the tips on Sunday and I probably need to talk to you more. Good luck getting the room all ready.

NelsonFam said...

You are looking so good! How fun to be in the single digit week count. It seems like week 20 to 30 last forever.

Have fun with the baby room and be sure to post pictures.