Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How I Spent My Anniversary:

On Saturday, we traveled to Parkers Maple Barn in New Hampshire with several of our friends to learn all about syrup and to eat tasty pancakes covered in said syrup. Quite the New England experience.

It was a cute farm with a restaurant and a gift shop full of everything maple you can imagine. We opted to not buy any maple paraphernalia, but did splurge and get Logan two candy sticks.

After stuffing ourselves with delicious food, we headed back to Boston. I was in charge of planning our anniversary this year, but had a lot going on all week and never thought of something exciting to do. But it was probably a good thing because by the time we got back and the syrup comma fully set in, we weren’t up for much of anything. We spent the rest the evening cuddled up on the couch. I took a nap while Logan watched a soccer game and then we had dinner and watched “Charade.” If you haven’t seen this classic, check it out. (If you have Comcast On Demand, it is currently one of the free movies.) It’s pretty hilarious- they sure don’t make them like they used to. This is one that would covert any old movie hater into a fan of the classics. (cough, cough, Dan, cough) It also made us add Audrey Hepburn to our list of people that Logan and I have a mutual crush on. (See also, Gyllenhaal, Jake) It is a hard list to get on, so that just shows you how much we liked the movie.

Logan got me one of the baby products I have been most excited about, a black American Apparel onesie. I've had my eye on these since long before I was pregnant. Now I just need to get the matching Karate Pants, and our little ninja will be all set.

So that was the extent of the excitement on our anniversary. Luckily I have Logan’s birthday on Saturday to redeem myself.


Amy said...

Charade is an awesome movie. Certainly my favorite older movie. And Audrey Hepburn is just so super cute! We certainly crush on her as a couple too. Her and Emily Mortimer in "the Kid". I don't think Dylan would admit to any man crushes though. I'll have to force it out of him. Anyway, I'm glad you had a great anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about that, Kate. I have a hard heart - a very hard heart. Maybe if old movies had the other Gyllenhaal...

Bonnie in Beantown said...

hey we were maple-syruping at the same time- 1 2 3, jinx you owe me a coke!

Happy Birthday to Logan!