Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby Update: 38 Weeks

He could be born AT ANY MINUTE.  I am new to this whole thing, but I think I might have to actually have a contraction or two for that to happen, so hopefully he’ll get the memo soon that he’s getting evicted and get the ball rolling.  He seems nice and cozy in there, so I’m thinking he’s not coming out for a while. But who knows. I’ve entered what I like to call the "Freak Show" stage where people just stop and stare in wonder at my huge belly. Not really, but sometimes it feels like that.

Yesterday was Patriots Day- for you non-Massachusetts folks, it is a holiday we celebrate to commemorate the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord- the shot heard ‘round the world. They also do the Boston marathon on this day each year. Basically it is a day to watch a bunch of people run an insane number of miles, watch the Sox play, not go to work, and if you're really ambitious or patriotic (neither of which we are) you wake up at a unhealthy hour and go stand on a ladder and watch a bunch of people reenact the battle.  Anyway, as I was thinking about what we should do on my day off, I realized that in four days all my days will be days off. (I know, I know- other than that whole being responsible for a helpless little human being thing.) Three day weekends sort of lose their mystique when you are 4 days away from retiring at the ripe old age of 24. We decided to spend our day off doing a couple of baby errands and ended up walking a ton and seeing a bit of the marathon. I was joking about how funny it would have been to put on running clothes and a fake number and go hang out by the finish line of the marathon and just freak people out. It would have been great. I probably would have made it on the news.

I’m actually starting to get more uncomfortable. I guess it is about time, but I still don’t feel miserable to the point of just wanting this to all be over. Of course, I want it to be over as soon as possible so I can finally meet this little baby, but as far as comfort goes, I’m not to the point where I am hating this yet. At my last appointment, I met with one of the other midwives and she walked in and asked me how I was feeling. I enthusiastically responded “Pretty great!” to which she replied, “Either you’re a really good liar or you’ve had a great pregnancy.” Logan assured her that I was a horrible liar. Everything continues to be great with both me and the baby and as much as I wish there was any sign of him coming in the next month, I’m trying to be patient and know that he’ll come when he’s good and ready. I think he’s just being nice and waiting until his Grandma gets here so she won’t miss his big debut.  So I'll be patient until she gets here a week from today, but then he'll be in big trouble if he doesn't get moving.


logan said...

It was a pretty good Patriot's Day, I wish we would've remembered the camera to get some of those great pictures, like the statue with the marathon space blanket cape.
This little guy's gonna be here before we know it!

Ammon said...

I don't think it ever occurred to me while i was in Cambridge or until now that i had never in my life heard of patriots day.

DCS said...

You've had pregnancy way to easy. sn't the point of being uncomfortable so that you do want the baby to come out? Maybe that's just for the women than fear the birthing process.

I love the nursery. Considering you'll spend a lot of time in there, its good to know you won't be smothered by baby frills. A nursery really should be designed for the mom's sanity. I want to know who decided that babies like all that busy, Easter colored, over-whelmingly sappy stuff? t really looks SO GOOD! That's the exact green I wanted but did it in the bathroom so instead went for the orange.

Good luck with the next few weeks, I'll be thinking about you and waiting for the news!!

Amberli said...

just checking in...hoping for a "baby's on the way!" post soon! i'm glad you're feeling well. let's get this party started!