Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby Update: 39.5 Weeks

No baby yet- sorry to keep everyone in suspense.  I had an appointment yesterday and everything is moving along right on track, so hopefully he'll come this week some time, but there's really no telling.  I'm still feeling pretty good,  but was getting quite discouraged since I was still feeling pretty much the same and was convinced that I wasn't making any progress and that he would never be born. But my midwife reassured me that I'm doing great and making progress even if I don't feel like I am.  So I left my appointment feeling much, much better with my patience renewed.  (For those of you who care to know- as of yesterday afternoon I was 1 cm dilated and 80% effaced- so making progress slowly but surely. I'm having some mini contractions, but nothing major or painful yet.)  

My last day of work was Friday, and my mom arrived yesterday, so now we're just spending our days reading, going on walks, and waiting for him to arrive.  We'll let everyone know once something starts happening. 


Kara Camille said...

I've been wondering how you were doing and moving along, so thanks for the update! I know I've said this a ton of times, but I still can't believe your little baby is actually going to be here soon!! Keep up the positiveness and patience! :)

Ammon said...

Soren's due today! (i think, i sort of forget when the due date is)

Hopefully he'll come, you don't want him to be late for his first act in life, it sets a bad precedent. I think that's where i went wrong.

Janet said...

Hope all is well! I'm looking forward to an update and hope mom and baby Soren are doing well!!