Wednesday, April 16, 2008

His first word better be "Argh"

Yesterday when I was leaving work, I walked out the door and a young girl around 8 or 9 popped her head out of the mini van parked on the street in front of me and yelled “Congratulations!” and then popped her head back down. It was pretty cute and I had a hard time wiping the smile off my face for a few blocks.

In other kids saying funny things news, I got a message from my mom the other day which said the following:

I was talking to Isaac about your new baby and I asked if he remembered his name and he said, “Is that the name of a pirate? Didn’t Logan used to be a pirate?”

As you can imagine, it totally made our day, especially Logan’s.


logan said...

Luckily he's already gotten plenty of pirate paraphernalia like books and clothes etc.

Any son of the infamous Red Beard better start saying aarrrrgghh!

DCS said...

Isaac is probably the coolest kid ever. I always picture him like he was in Boston that one summer, but I'm sure he's little bigger now, but speaking with the same adult mannerisms.

barry said...

You should be receiving our contribution to Soren's pirate booty later today. Have I mentioned that we really like his name?

Amberli said...

i can't beleive that i never commented on this. i had to read it to darek while ago after i read it - so hilarious! i LOVE that isaac thoughts logan used to be a pirate. that's pretty much the coolest thing ever!