Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baby Steps

The other night we made Soren's foot prints.  He was so calm while we tortured him and kept giving us very skeptical looks.  I love that picture with his little inky foot.  You can also see his umbilical cord stump- which fell off on Saturday!  Logan was freaked out by it so I'm sure he's relieved that he no longer has to look at it.  He wouldn't even touch it to throw it away (no, we didn't save it for his scrapbook) and scooped it up with a piece of paper.  

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Bonnie in Beantown said...

knowing what a perfectionist you are at your stamping- I bet that was a fun experience :)

So I just noticed that the "official" birth announcement on your blog has soren with a line through the o. ... did Logan get his way afterall?

We're supposed to bring you dinner on Friday--ha ha -- so I wanted to know if you guys just want us to drop something off, or if you want to join us (and my friends Heather and Jarrod) for a Wii tourny and Emma's pizza. Your choice.