Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day

This post is a little late because we're in Mississippi having some QT with my family and I haven't had much down time to spend blogging. But I don't want Logan's first Father's Day to go by without acknowledging what a great father he is.  He took to it right away and is great with Soren.  He loves this little guy so much and several times a day he says how cute Soren is or how much he loves him.  They are already buddies and I'm just cherishing this time when Soren is so dependent on me before he grows up a little and figures out how much more fun his dad is and he is so over his mom.

Happy Father's Day.  Thanks for being so great with our boy.  We both love you so much.

We fly home tomorrow and I have a camera full of pictures to post, so stay tuned. 

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logan said...

Thanks for the post Wifey. It's pretty easy to be a dad to this guy, and especially since he has such a great mom.