Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bragging About My Dad

While in Mississippi my Dad took us on a tour of Biloxi to show us the houses that he and his colleagues have designed.  After Hurricane Katrina, my family moved to Biloxi so my Dad could run a Community Design Center to help rebuild the community which was basically leveled.  It was so cool to see all the houses they have done and understand a little more the work that he does.   The houses all need to be built on stilts of various heights, based on where the house is located.   Some only needed to be a couple of feet off the ground, but others, like this one, were pretty up there.  

This house my Dad was especially proud of, and with good reason.  It is amazing.  We were lucky enough to catch the owner outside and she let us take a tour.  It was like living in a tree house.  She loved her new house and it was so clear that she really respected my dad and appreciated so much the work that he and others did to get her in a new home. 

My favorite part of the house was the shower tile.  The workers gathered pieces of tiles, china and other remains from her old house that was destroyed in the hurricane and integrated them into the new tile.  It was such a special way for her to save and remember what was lost.

This house was another of my dad's favorites.  When Logan asked the construction worker sitting on the steps if he would mind being in a picture he responded, "Nope, I'm not wanted or anything."  

It was so cool to see the work my dad has been doing and the huge impact he has had on the community.   It made me even more proud to be his daughter.

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Dyami said...

That's really really interesting. You pray the never need to see the homes in action, but then again you'd be so proud to see your dad's home still standing though another disaster. Good work Mr. Perkes!