Sunday, July 20, 2008


This weekend we went camping in the Berkshires with a huge group of folks from our ward and this is the only picture I have to document Soren's first camping experience.  I had lofty ambitions that it would be great to take a two month old camping.  Soren was perfectly fine, but still is a baby, so it was a little bit for me to manage.  There were TONS of mosquitos and it rained a lot of the time, so it felt like a little of a disappointment for the Wangsgards. Hopefully everyone else had a good time.    

To top it off, I managed to lose my wallet the day before we left.  I think it fell out of the stroller when I was walking home from Target trying to balance the two camp chairs I had just purchased in the stroller while carrying the little dude.  So it is no surprise that I didn't notice when it fell out of my bag.  Luckily I only had about $20 in there and a gift card or two.  But I did have to cancel my cards and such, which is a major hassle.  The thing that made me the most sad is that the little tuft of Soren's hair that we cut off  to document his first batch of baby hair was in there.  I'm temped to post signs around the neighborhood saying whoever found it can keep the wallet, I just want the hair back.  But that seems a little weird.

So the last few days have been a bit rough, but hopefully things will turn around when I fly to Mississippi alone with Soren on Wednesday with no drivers license or credit cards...

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Camilla said...

That sucks. You could keep his toenails or something instead.