Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Soren's First Birthday Party

Soren was invited to his friend Ramie's birthday party on Saturday. Apparently, he was the first on her list.  We thought it was super cute that she'd invite him and she was really excited that he came.  

She asks her mom every day if they are watching Soren tonight.  She is SO excited to babysit him when Logan finally convinces me that we can leave him with someone long enough to dash off to see The Dark Knight. We almost did a couple weeks ago, but it was sold out. But I realized I wasn't quite ready to leave him when on the morning of the day we planned to go, I was telling Soren that we were going to leave him with Tracie and Ramie and I started to tear up.  So I was secretly relieved that it was sold out.  If I don't give in soon, I am pretty sure he'll just go without me.  Unfortunately, now that I am feeling a little more confident that I can handle leaving him in the (very competent) hands of our friends, he got Thrush (basically a yeast infection in his mouth- not so fun) and isn't nursing well or taking a bottle so leaving him would be cruel and unusual punishment for all involved.  I got him some medicine yesterday that should help, but I have to put it directly on the white patches on the inside of his mouth three to four times a day- putting medicine on the inside of a baby's mouth is not so easy.  We're hoping it works fast (the pediatrician said it could take WEEKS to clear up!) and we're able to get him back to taking bottles so we can get out.

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Bonnie in Beantown said...

I hope you guys have seen the dark knight by now. Logan is the one who got me excited about it. Anyway, it is awesome. Best batman movie so far in my opinion.