Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bad Day

Yesterday Soren had his four month check up, which included his next round of immunizations. Last time he got shots, I cried almost as much as he did.  He was just so sad and so obviously in pain. He was crying in a way I'd never heard him cry before. This time I was a little more prepared for the instant tears and crazy crying so didn't cry and gave him Tylenol when we got home because last time his legs were so tender that he was just miserable. Overall, if was not as bad as last time (thanks to the Tylenol) but he was still just grumpy and needed constant attention. 

Then last night, I set him on the couch to put the rice in the rice cooker for dinner.  When I walked away I thought "I should put a pillow next to him to keep him from falling off the couch. Nah, he'll be fine."  I kept an eye on him while in the kitchen and saw him topple over then bounce right onto the floor.  I know babies are way more tough than we think and fall all the time and he's totally fine, but it just made me so sad that it happened on an already rough day. Especially because I ignored my intuition that he was going to fall. At least he already had pain killers pumping through his body to help numb the pain, I guess.  Poor little bugger. 

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Ammon said...

when we were at the church i saw baby fall out of his little carrier/car seat thing from about a foot up. I felt really bad for the baby and his mom, and somehow even a little guilty. Babies should come with baby airbags or tiny parachutes.