Monday, September 22, 2008

Boa Viágem Elder Perkes

My brother Ammon leaves tomorrow for the Missionary Training Center to become a missionary in Portugal for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It hasn’t quite sunk in that my little brother will be a missionary and that I won’t see or talk to him for two years.  He and I have always been close, but for most of our life it was simply by default.  Our older sisters shared a room and were quite close, so that left me with Ammon as a playmate and roommate.  As all siblings do, we fought a lot and drove each other crazy some of the time, but he put up with a lot and we usually had a great time.  He was a pretty quirky kid, as I've written about before, but he has become a really great person, despite my attempts to scar him for life. As we got older I realized that I actually really enjoy spending time with him.  He and I are quite a bit alike and I'm going to miss talking to him online and reading his rambling late night blog posts filled with biting sarcasm.  I think it will be hard to not talk to him for two years, but I am so excited for him and the experiences he will have in Portugal. 

I know he’s going to be a great missionary and the people of Portugal are lucky to have him.   Good luck Ammon.  I love you and know you’ll do great work.  As long as you manage not to break any bones.

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Camilla said...

When he was here the night before he left he was saying that you'd been a great big sister. He appreciated that you wrote him letters in college.

Oh, and I'm getting Soren photo withdrawal!