Wednesday, September 3, 2008

He Deserves A Major Award

Soren has slept through the night for the last FOUR nights in a row.  He's been sleeping 8:30 - 7:30- that's ELEVEN HOURS for those of you who are bad at fast math.  I haven't said anything in fear of jinxing it, but I'm way too excited to keep this under wraps.  We seriously did get the best one.


Lisa H. said...

perhaps we could make this into a 1-2 person enrichment group?

seriously, that's awesome. i hope soren can be a mentor to my kids.

Kara Camille said...

I was feeling good about getting 6 hours at a time...boy oh boy, does Nixon have some learning to do. I guess we'll give him a few more months before I start getting too jealous.

Camilla said...

Please give Soren my congratulations, both for being the best sleeper ever, and for this new picture becoming the desktop background image on my laptop. Such a cutie.

Kate said...

Lisa: I'm sure Soren will be a mentor in many ways to your children. He's wise beyond his months.

Kara: Don't be jealous, six hours is awesome for a one month old! Nixon is sure to be a champion sleeper.

Cami: This picture is also the desktop of Logan's laptop and work computer. It's spreading like wild fire.