Saturday, September 20, 2008


No joke.  Our four month baby has grown two teeth in the last two days.  A quick Google search has taught me that he's a freak of nature.  Actually, most sites say something like "In rare cases, some babies may begin teething as early as four months..."

I'd post a picture, but it takes the two of us using all our strength to pin him down and pry open his mouth to even see the teeth, so a picture was out of the question. This does make me feel better about his behavior over the last couple of weeks.  I thought my sweet, perfect baby who sleeps through the night had been abducted by aliens who left a whiney, grumpy baby who demands to be held all day and wakes up multiple times a night.  I'll take a freak of nature over a grumpy alien baby any day.  Let's hope that the real Soren comes back once these silly teeth do their thing.


Lisa H. said...

I always knew that Søren was super advanced.

Ammon said...

i have it from a highly reliable source that you got teeth really early also.

Kelly and Kimberly said...

Soren is such a doll. He's getting so big and is so so cute. Don't feel too bad about those teeth. Both my boys got their teeth at four months. Although teething is not fun, sometimes I enjoy having something to blame their cranky behavior on.