Saturday, October 4, 2008

Apple Picking

Yesterday Soren and I went apple picking with our friends the Gillespies.  We had a great time and have ten pounds of apples, a pumpkin and a bunch of squash to show for it.  It turned into a beautiful day and made me feel like fall really is here.  

Soren was such a trooper in the car, thanks to Ramie and Noah's constant entertainment.  He patiently let me pose him on all sort of piles of things and seemed to have a good time.  And I'm sure he'll enjoy the bounty of our day once I turn the apples and squash into baby food.  There's not much that beats fall in New England.


gumpin said...

Are those angel wings on the apple boy?

Kate Wangsgard said...

Haha, I didn't even notice that they look like wings. It is just the bag of apples that I propped the not quite sitting up yet boy against.