Friday, October 17, 2008

Booze Cruise

Last night we went on a harbor cruise with Logan's work.  It was a fun evening and Soren was such a trooper.  When we were almost there I realized I didn't have his pacifier.  He has recently become a fan of it since getting teeth, I guess it didn't take long to realize that finger sucking with teeth isn't quite as fun.  We boarded the boat right at bedtime and he stuck it out for the whole night. He had a few minutes of freaking out, and wouldn't eat with so much going on around him. But for the most part he was great, especially given that he had only had two half hour naps all day. He got lots of attention and made a bunch of new friends. As we were walking off the boat, I reached in my jacket pocket and discovered his pacifier.  I had it the whole time.  Oops. Sorry buddy.


Bonnie said...

Haha- I totally sent my summer interns on this cruise- they LOVED it. SHADY!

anna said...

I hope Logan took over the microphone and freaked everyone out about the boat crashing. or whatever Michael says on that episode. Soren looks so cute all bundled up in his hat.