Friday, October 10, 2008

Letters to Soren: Month Five

Dear Soren:

Five whole months.  I can't believe it. This month has gone by so quickly that it is hard for me to feel like you're that much different than you were a month ago.  Other than the two fangs you've grown this month.  Apparently I also got teeth at four months; a fact which could have made the two weeks of misery before those little guys poked through a little better had I remembered.  I just thought you were being a grump so I was thrilled when I realized you were teething.  

The teeth growing broke your sleeping 12 hours through the night streak you had going on, but luckily you seem to get getting back into the swing of things this week.  You still are a horrible day time napper and prefer the 20 minute powernap to one that allows me to accomplish anything, but I'll take what I can get at this point.  

Every morning after you eat I take you into our room and we wake up your dad.  I love these moments of just hanging out as a family on our bed.   We can't get enough of all the cute things you do and you eat up all the attention. I'm sure that this sweet morning time is something that I will think back on with such great memories when you are all grown up.  

You are really getting the hang of solid foods.  You're a big fan of carrots and squash and tolerate apples and pears.  If I was ever unsure that you are my son, your speed at which you eat proves it.  I am amazed at how fast you can eat a bowl of squash.  You get pretty put out if I don't have the spoon in your mouth the moment you swallow a bite.  

You grab everything.  Anything that is in my hand you think should be in your hands and you lunge for whatever it is and bring it straight to your mouth. Your current favorite thing to do is grab my hair with both hands and pull my face in and suck on it.  I'd like to think you are being sweet and giving me kisses.  You are finally starting to get ticklish.  I was worried that you weren't going to be and I wouldn't be able to torture you the way I have been tortured my whole life.  Sometimes when you get tickled you do this little fake laugh, like you know I really want you to laugh but you're just not feeling it.  Thanks for indulging me.

Recently you've been slapping your arms up and down so today I let you sit in the sink instead of your tub at the end of the bath and showed you how to splash.  Once you did it a time or two there was no stopping you.  I may regret starting the years of splashing this early, but it was pretty dang cute.  

You always have huge smiles for your dad.  If I try to feed you when he is in the room you can't focus on eating and just try to look at him and smile like crazy.  It makes me so happy so see that you love him so much.   You are getting more fun all the time.  You laugh pretty often and just get more interactive every day.  You already have such a cute little personality and you're only five months old.  I can't wait to see what kind of person you're going to turn out to be.  You have brought so much joy into our home and I hope that we are able to be worthy parents for you. Your dad and I love you so much we can't stand it.  




Jhordan said...

aw I love the letters to soren.

Yah we had so much fun in sunday school yesterday. always such a heartbreaker to let his other fans have a turn holding him.

Amy said...

As always, very cute pictures of your very cute little guy! And I finally believe on the teeth :) I can vouch that you will cherish the morning lounge time with Soren. Ethan and Dylan and I would lay on the bed forever and flip pony-tail holders up and try and hit the heating vent on the ceiling. Sounds random, but it just cracked Ethan up so much. With two, it's usually a dangerous wrestling match on the bed. But still fun.