Monday, November 10, 2008

Letters to Soren: Month Six

Dear Soren:

Halfy Birthday little buddy!  I cannot believe that you are six months old!  It seems like this is a huge milestone and that it is all just downhill to a year now. You have had a pretty exciting month. You've learned how to sit up, you've started eating finger foods, and you've stopped sleeping through the night. We're a lot more excited about those first two. I hear "one step forward, two steps back" is a fairly common thing when babies hit major milestones (like sitting up) but come on, you're not a fairly common baby so lets get back on track. Deal? 

Some pretty exciting things have happened in the world this month.  We have a new President of the country.  I have hope that by the time you're old enough to read these, it won't seem like a big deal that a black man was elected President.  It feels like we're finally on the road for some changes that I hope will effect your life as a little citizen of this country.  I'm not very patriotic, but this month I felt a lot of pride for this country that I really have never felt before. This was a special month in history, and you were part of it! (Sort of)

You've become a ton more playful this month.  You laugh a lot more and love to play little games with your dad and me.  You are still just such a smiley guy and melt the hearts of everyone who ever meets you.   Now that you can sit up, your life has revolutionized.  You'll sit on the floor and play with your toys for what feels like hours to me.  We also just got you a high chair and you love sitting at the table.  The first time I gave you some finger foods you were pretty timid about putting them in your mouth. You looked at me like you weren't quite sure you were doing the right thing.  But once you got the hang of it, you loved it.  Last Sunday I was feeding you little puffs and I was just a little freaked out that we're to the treats at church point. I guess this thing we've got is getting pretty serious.

One of the benefits of you waking up constantly through out the night, is that it gives me a lot of quite, peaceful time just rocking away with you in your room.  One night this month, as I held you close, I was brought to tears and just totally overcome with love for you. There were so many days towards the end of my pregnancy when I would come home from work and collapse in that rocking chair and look around the room and think about the baby that would soon be joining me there.  I wanted to hold you in my arms so bad it hurt.  You would always move around when I rocked and I can still almost feel your little body kicking around inside me.  As I looked down at your sweet little face gazing back at me I thought of those very first special moments we had as a mother and child and was just so grateful that you are here and a part of our life. I can't believe how much I love you.  I honestly never realized I could love anything this much.  



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What a lucky boy!