Sunday, December 21, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son

The other day I was looking through some old pictures and came across this one from when I was about Soren's age and suddenly understood where he got his dopey smile.  If I'm any indication of what Soren's smile future holds, it isn't going to get much better.  Some things never change:


Lisa H. said...

i can't believe how much soren looks like you in that picture of you as a baby! on the way home last night, we just talked about how soren is the cutest little boy we've ever seen!

Amy said...

I love all three of these. And he does look like you, which I have thought in more than just this picture. But I have not seen pictures of Logan as a baby, so maybe we need one of those for comparison. PS. We are buried in about a foot of snow here in Washington. It is crazy!

Linda said...

Kate, I love your smile! Soren's too. I hope he gets your childhood giggle as well. You were (and both are) charming!