Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All Grown Up

Soren has figured out how to pull himself up from sitting to standing and (with a bit of effort) from laying down to sitting so we decided it was time to lower his crib.  With the amount of time it takes him to accomplish either one of those tasks, let alone both of them, and the amount of grunting he makes while trying to accomplish them, I'm pretty sure we'd figure out what he was up to before he fell out, but figured I'd rather not learn that the hard way. 

He also got a new coat (one of the things that came in his awesome box) and seems to tolerate it.  One of the other ways I've learned how to kill time during these very long days inside is with the globe.  As long as I sort of keep it upright, he loves to spin it.  His favorite game it to spin it and see where his hand lands and that's where he's going to live.  (Okay, maybe that's my favorite game, but Soren's really good at it.)


Camilla said...

Is that coat huge or does Soren have really timy legs? Maybe it's just the photo!

I know you know how freakin cute he is, so I don't have to keep telling you, but he is so freakin cute!

Camilla said...

Timy? I meant tiny.

Kate Wangsgard said...

It isn't the picture, he has Tiny Leg Syndrome. They're making a movie about it: "The Curious Case of Soren Wangsgard."