Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Home Again Home Again

We've been home since Monday night, but I haven't had a chance to sit down and upload photos and such. Soren got a little too used to having four people at his beck and call all day and has been a bit demanding now that is just his boring old mom to entertain him all day. It got so desperate around here that yesterday Soren and I both stayed in our jammies all day for the first time in eight months. Despite all that, we had a wonderful time in Utah. Soren was such a trooper while we lugged him from place to place to meet everyone. He was his usual charming self (despite some tummy problems and his fifth tooth coming in) and he won the hearts of everyone who met him. Unfortunately, we didn't take very many pictures but here are a few to cover the big stuff.

After several nights of restless sleep for the littlest Wangsgards, we decided to move Soren's crib from our room into the pantry across the hall. It seemed to do the trick and we all slept much better. Especially once I was able to stop worrying about an earthquake hitting and my baby being smashed under a pile of Coke bottles.

He is totally in love with his Nana and Gumpin and always had extra big smiles for them.

I think a close up on Soren's face is in order:

Soren also met his uncle Pete for the first time and was a big fan.

One of Soren's new tricks, giving five. He also claps, and has this new crazy thing where he clenches his fists and shakes. Hard to explain- I'm hoping to catch in on camera one of these days.

While in Utah, we took a trip to Sandy to check out Real Salt Lake's snazzy new stadium. Logan was pretty disappointed that the store was closed for the season. We were hoping to get shirts for the whole family. It was a little chilly, but it was fun to see the stadium in person.

We did lots of other fun things that we don't have pictures of including eating amazing vegan biscuits and gravy (which Soren LOVED, btw) at Vertical Dinner, getting to hang out with my sister Cami and her BF Colin, eating Mexican food (the one thing Utah has over Boston), playing lots of games, getting my Cafe Rio fix (twice), seeing all of our friends, lots of shopping and so much more.

Our flight home was fairly uneventful, other than being seconds away from missing our flight because they were worried Logan would hijack a plane with the mini bike wrench he had in his bag. Unfortunately they confiscated it and foiled his plans. Soren was great on the flight. He only slept for 30 minutes so we had 4 1/2 hours of providing constant entertainment, but we all made it back in once piece and I don't think any of our neighbors wanted to kill us. Probably because we were surrounded by new missionaries on their way to Romania and they were too busy trying to convert their unlucky seatmates to notice the noisy baby.

Once we got to Boston, I had to take a picture of these very appropriate signs:

Yes, he does. We still don't have one of our bags. Since we were one of the last ones on the plane there was no room for our carry on bags so the flight attendant "found a spot for it" and we never saw it again. I got a mysterious phone call yesterday saying it was found, but the number they asked me to call doesn't work and the other number we have has been busy every time we call it. We're really hoping we get it back eventually as it has tons of important stuff including my brand new jacket, Logan's favorite jacket, Logan's favorite pants, Logan's brand new and maybe favorite shirt, two of Logan's favorite pairs of shoes, our two new games, all three of our hats, both our favorite scarves and a few more things. If we don't get it back, Delta's going to be glad they took away Logan's weapons...

Other than a few traveling mishaps, we had a great time. It was great to see all our friends and family and take a break from our "busy" life.


anna said...

The first time you stayed in your pajamas all day in eight months?? Sheesh, I am doing something wrong. I would like to make it 8 days without a pajama day.

Sorry about your bag - I hope you get it back. And thanks for posting my recipe, but I want to see some of your best recipes :)

Kate Wangsgard said...

Oh, I've staying in my pajamas all day, but I'm very diligent in getting Soren dressed.