Saturday, January 10, 2009

Letters to Soren: Month Eight

Dear Soren:

I know I say this every month, but I can't believe you're already eight months old. Seriously. You are getting so big it just blows my mind. The other day I realized that you have to kneel on my lap now when you lean your head on my shoulder to go to sleep when not that long ago your feet didn't even hit my lap. Every time I put you to sleep, I just have to hold you for a little while once you're out. No matter how busy I am and how many things I know I need to cram into that precious hour I have while you nap, I just can't put you down quite yet. I just love holding your warm little body close and smelling your head and treasuring the rare moments of quiet with you.

We spent half of this month in Utah for Christmas. You were a champ on the five hour flight and continued to charm your way around town once we got there. You fell in love with your grandparents and had such a good time playing with them. While in Utah, you learned a few new tricks. You now clap, give five, play your (and other people's) lips and make this crazy face that we have no idea where you learned. You clench your fists and open your mouth really wide and shake. (This picture doesn't quite capture how much of a spaz you look when you do this.)

You were doing it pretty much constantly in Utah (probably because we kept trying to get you to do it for everyone who met you) but have chilled out a little now that we're home. But you'll still do it when prompted, which is pretty awesome. I think it us just incredible that you can repeat something when we do it. I've been doing a couple of signs with you and you are starting to do them back. I'm sure you have no clue what they mean, but it is still exciting that you're learning.

You're not crawling yet, but are gradually figuring out that you can use your body to get around and today you figured out how to get from your back to sitting up for the first time. I'm really excited for you to learn how to crawl, but am also a little freaked out about the prospect of a mobile baby. You already manage to find anything small and esophagus sized that I happen to miss in your very small range on the floor, so I'm dreading the day when you have free reign of our apartment.

You still don't have much hair, but are growing some slowly but surely. You have these super long hairs above your ears that I think are so, so cute and refuse to cut them despite how ridiculous they look.

This month you got your fifth tooth. You are handling teething pretty well these days. You get a little fussy and don't like to eat off a spoon, but are still pretty much your normal, charming self. You are seriously a HUGE flirt. In Utah, we were in line at a store and there was a gaggle of pre-teen girls several feet behind us in line who oohed and ahhed when they saw you. You immediately turned on the charm and smiled and did all your tricks for them. You were in heaven with such a receptive audience. You love attention and try to catch the eye of anyone who's around. When we were at the airport heading home, we were standing at the ticket counter and you were trying SO hard to get the attention of the man behind the counter. You were smiling and waving and doing everything you could to get him to look at you, but he was totally oblivious. One of the cutest things you do these days is tilt your head and look at us and smile. It just melts my heart. It is a good thing you can't ask for stuff yet because I would be putty in your hands.

I love you, Soren. I tell you that several times a day and hope that you never doubt it. You are such a sweet boy and I just can't get enough of you. You are starting to have a preference about who holds you, and as annoying as it sometimes is that you cry when I put you down or hand you off, in the back of my mind I sort of love that you so clearly love me. It makes it all worth it when I pick you up and feel your little arms around my neck giving me a little squeeze.



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Linda said...

I need to visit again soon! Soren continues in his adorable ways.