Friday, January 23, 2009

Soren's Tricks

Soren's big debut!  Here he is doing two of his best tricks.  I originally uploaded an edited version that cut out the babbling at the beginning and my futile attempts to get him to clap in the middle (he's usually an excellent clapper, but the lure of the computer was too much for him), but Logan has watched the first part of this so many times (laughing each time) that I figured the rest of you might like seeing it too.  "Dada" is his current babble of choice so he says a few of those. Enjoy. We're trying to teaching him how to blow kisses, but it usually comes across as obscene so we'll hold off on a video until we can fine tune that trick.  (And I apologize in advance for exposing you to my baby voice.)  


Kelly and Kimberly said...

I'm so impressed. And I'm so happy for you that your kid will perform. Neither of mine will do things on demand and it gets a little frustrating. But seriously, Soren is awesome and so so cute. What a great mother you are Kate.

Amy said...

Hey Kate. For some reason when I tried last week to post a comment on here it didn't let me, so hopefully this works today. We LOVE this. And by we, I mostly mean Carter. He has watched it probably 25 times since you posted it. Really. I am glad you left the babbling in. It's my favorite. Good job on the kisses too! So cute!!! It looks like you two are having fun together! Please visit us!! P.S. I realized today I forgot to thank you for the Advent Calendar. That is awesome! We will love using it next year!