Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Soren's Wake

Oh, the joys of a semi-mobile baby.  At least he's happy, right? We're working on baby proofing before Soren is totally mobile, which could be any day now.  I was reading the back of the outlet covers and got a kick out of this warning:

CAUTION: The product is only a deterrent.  It is not a substitute for proper adult supervision. Discontinue use when child becomes old enough to defeat it.  

I can barely keep up with Soren's messes now, I'm a little scared to think about when he becomes smart enough to defeat our tricks.  

PS:  I was interrupted three times while writing this very short post when my intervention was needed to keep Soren from destroying something or killing himself.  As much as I've encouraged him to crawl, now that he's moments away from doing it I'm so not ready for him to take off.  


logan said...

man what a cute kid. but, i think you totally staged the shot... the perfect stream of toys, i dunno...

Dyami Christine Selch Sorensen said...

Wow, I was totally suckered by his cute innocent yet mischievous-ness, but after reading L's post, maybe you some how got him to pose that too.

He's just way too cute. It makes me a little bummed to not be having a boy- but taking Soren as a son-in-law doesn't sound too bad.

Jillaire said...

Just wait until they learn to climb and open cupboards!