Sunday, March 22, 2009

"I'd go the whole wide world, I'd go the whole wide world just to find her.."

In honor of my husband's birthday, and in keeping the tradition of past birthdays alive.  I present you, in no particular order, Twenty-Eight of My Favorite Memories of My Life With Logan.

1)  Sitting and talking on a bench overlooking the Charles after a perfect day together.

2) When we were talking on the phone during our silly semester apart.  We were discussing how hard it was to be apart and I started to say "Well, what do you propose?" but stopped half-way through "propose" (the elephant in the room) and said "suggest" instead.  We laughed about it then and still laugh about it today.

3) When he put on an impromptu puppet show for my little brother staring a Portuguese speaking beaver which he named Chauncy.  That pretty much sealed the deal and he knew it.

4)  When he sent me flowers on my birthday when we were first starting to hang out.  My family was all in town for Thanksgiving and of course gave me a hard time about it.  (Which was pretty  much why he sent them.) I insisted that I didn't like him and said "Besides, he's a vegetarian.  I can't be with someone who stands for something!"  Little did I know...

5) Dropping eaves on the gay European couple who kept showing up everywhere we went in Aruba. (Usually wearing speedos.)

6)  Walking around in the freezing cold during the winter we fell in love- holding each other's gloved hands.  

7) The first time we ever hung out, and we sat on a bench and talked for hours until he finally put me in a cab and sent me home.

8) After I dealt the cards in Skip-Bo and he said "I think that's the fastest I've ever seen you move."

9) Seeing him hold Soren for the first time in the delivery room.

10) Doing his laundry at my parents house in Cambridge, kissing while we folded sheets. 

11) Eating Honeymoon Cheese and drinking Pellegrino in Aruba.

12) When we tried to meet up for above mentioned first time.  Me being a first time T rider (and having a genetic flaw that mixes up similar words) I went to Kendall Square to meet him instead of Kenmore Square.  After a very confusing conversation trying to find each other at the T stop, we figured it out and eventually met up.  Its a wonder he stuck around.

13) Staying at the Whitehouse hostel in NYC and walking the entire length of Manhattan. 

14) Discovering a very creepy lizard in our hotel room on our honeymoon in Aruba.  I FREAKED out and wouldn't get off the edge of the tub.  Hilarity ensued as we tried to catch it.  

15) Driving across the country in my little Nissan Sentra, seeing how many grapes Logan could fit into his mouth.  

16) Deliberately missing the last bus of the night, so we wouldn't have to say goodbye. 

17) Talking on the phone literally all night long when he came back after Christmas break and we figured out how much we liked each other and couldn't spend a minute apart.

18) When he sang Buddy Holly's "Everyday" to me, totally catching me off guard.

19) After we were engaged, I was progressively sending my stuff back with Logan to Boston when he came to visit me.  On one trip, I sent a pair of pajama pants with moose all over them. Logan, in need to some pjs, started to wear them (they were actually men's pants, so its not that weird) One night while we were talking on the phone and he asked me if I knew that my moose pants (which I had worn many, many times) glowed in the dark.  And I totally believed him.

20)  When I was resting between contractions and woke up just to ask Logan if he had remembered to set the DVR to record all his soccer games.

21)  When Logan FINALLY convinced me to play Nerf Ping Pong with him.  And I couldn't wipe the goofy grin of my face. 

22) When I couldn't stop laughing after seeing the news coverage of some crime that occurred in Sandwich, MA.  When they interviewed a police officer they put "Sandwich Police" as the caption.  Included in this memory is our quest to find the Sandwich Police department to take a photo several months later when we stopped in Sandwich for some very tasty pizza.  

23) Having a picnic at Walden Pond.

24) Seeing a seagull fly by with a perfect Dunkin Donuts bag in its mouth.

25) My uncontrollable laughter during our childbirth class when I couldn't get the mental picture of Logan in a track suit with a whistle and a clip board out of my head when the instructor insisted we call our partners "Coach."  

26)  When he got to feel Soren move for the first time (and finally believed me all those times I said he had been moving.)

27) When he tricked me into holding hands for the first time.

28) When he told me that he loved me, five years ago today. 

Happy Birthday Logan. Here's to many more years of wonderful memories. 



logan said...

These are some pretty great memories. It's been a wonderful time being married to you, thanks for being here for me.

You know you love me,


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