Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday In the Park

Yesterday we went on a walk over to the park.  Soren still doesn't get much out of parks (especially when they don't have swings. Who builds a park with no swings?) But the weather was gorgeous and it was nice to get out of house.  Pretty much the park it is just an opportunity to take pictures of Soren with great light and nice colorful backgrounds.  I was that mom with the giant camera in her baby's face trying everything to get a response from my very unimpressed child. 

Soren at the park


Linda said...

So nice that the mom with the big camera has such an adorable subject. I love the photos!

Dyami said...
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Dyami said...

I love your etsy shop!! I've been wanting to do one with beaded jewelry and anything else I came up with, but I seem to make one thing then move onto someone else and I am NOT a motivated independent business person. Good job! Great witty logo and name!!

(I deleted my comment above due to some lovely spelling errors :) - don't want you to fret over a mystery comment.)