Friday, April 17, 2009

"Feed Goat Place"

One of our days in California, we went to a farm with a little petting zoo or "The Feed Goat Place" as Ethan calls it. I didn't think Soren would get much out of it, but he thought the animals were pretty interesting and funny. He especially liked when they nibbled at his shoes. The older kids of course loved feeding the animals. Carter is totally fearless and even chased a few roosters around the farm. Luckily they were faster than him and didn't seem to be too intimidated so he made it out with all his eyes and fingers intact.

After feeding the animals, we went to the farm stand and got lots of fruits and veggies. I love Boston, and will probably live here for a very long time, but man oh man the produce is so much better in California.

After leaving the farm, we went to the beach to eat our lunch. (Side note: Leftover Pad Thai is not the easiest food to eat on the beach.) It was a little too cold for Soren to get in the water, so he missed out on being in his third ocean/gulf before the age of one and had to settle with eating sand. (Here's a less freaky one than the last picture I posted.)

Amy's boys are used to the frigid Central Coast and frolicked in the water to their hearts content. (Don't worry, Amy. These pictures have been edited to preserve Carter's dignity.)

Here's Soren's nemesis cousin:

Carter was generally well-meaning, but was having a bit of a rough time losing his title as the youngest person around. He took every toy or book he could from Soren. Soren didn't really seem to mind, and it even got to the point that Soren would just hand him whatever he was playing with when Carter would come near him. It was pretty cute.

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